Tetris Game Silicone Ice Cube Tray with Lid - Multiple Colors Available

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Tetris Ice Lattice Silicone Tray With Lid - 3 Colors Available.

Product: Tetris Ice Lattice Tray

Material: Food grade silicone

Color: blue, red, yellow


Weight: 270g

Package included:1 Ice Tray

Precautions: ·High and low temperature resistant environmentally friendly material, can directly contact with food. ·

It is cold and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy a cold moment lightly. ·You can season freely, put fruit and juice in ice cubes, and then add to the drink. ·With a removable cover to prevent the ice cube from absorbing odor.

Notes: ·Since the method of manual measurement is used, the measured size is slightly deviated. ·Due to the influence of angle and light when shooting, the measured color may deviate slightly.